Frequently asked questions and answers about electronic cigarettes

ALFA electronic cigarettes
Best filter ever made
Alfa contains a reliable filter made of Japanese cotton that prevents unpleasant liquid leaking.
Aluminum body
Alfa has a slim elegant recyclable aluminum body
Alfa contains a high energy density Cobalt Li-Ion battery that allows you to make the maximum number of puffs.
Nicotine or nicotine free
Want to enjoy nicotine without smoking? Choose from the most popular flavors in the Alfa range. Do you want to get rid of nicotine addiction? Then choose ALFA ZERO with 0% nicotine!
Alfa contains the best selected intense and soft flavors with an excellent balance of sweetness and chilliness which do not irritate or overcool the throat


What is a disposable electronic cigarette
Disposable electronic cigarette is a pre-filled electronic device which contains 2 ml of 2% nicotine or nicotine-free e-liquid. You won't need to charge the battery or liquid while using it. Different e-cigarettes designed for 300 to 600 puffs. This corresponds to approximately 40-50 cigarettes or 2.0-2.5 packs of ordinary cigarettes.
How does a disposable electronic cigarette work?
The device is ready for use. To start using, open the package, remove the protective wrapping and caps from the device. The product is activated by inhalation from the upper side. Store the device in a dry place out of the reach of children!
How much nicotine does a disposable e-cigarette contain?
European legislation limits the maximum amount of nicotine liquid in electronic cigarettes to 2 ml and the nicotine content to a maximum of 20 mg/ml. The Alpha electronic cigarette contains 20 mg/ml of nicotine and has a volume of 2 ml. Thus, one cigarette contains 40 mg of nicotine. When smoking a regular cigarette, the smoker receives 1-1.5 mg of nicotine. The nicotine capacity of the Alpha electronic cigarette corresponds to 30-40 cigarettes.
How does an electronic cigarette (vape) affect health?
According Findings of the scientific opinion on E-cigarettes Scientific Committee on Health, Environmental and Emerging Risks (SCHEER) from 28.04.2022 For users of electronic cigarettes 1. The overall weight of evidence is moderate for risks of local irritative damage to the respiratory tract of users due to the cumulative exposure to polyols, aldehydes and nicotine. However, the overall reported incidence is low. 2. The overall weight of evidence for risks of long-term systemic effects on the cardiovascular system is moderate. 3. The overall weight of evidence for risks of carcinogenicity of the respiratory tract due to long-term, cumulative exposure to nitrosamines and due to exposure to acetaldehyde and formaldehyde is weak to moderate. The weight of evidence for risks of adverse effects, specifically carcinogenicity, due to metals in aerosols is weak. 4. The overall weight of evidence for risks of other long-term adverse health effects, such as pulmonary disease CNS and reprotoxic effects based on the hazard identification and human evidence, is weak, and further consistent data are needed. 5. To date, there is no specific data that specific flavorings used in the EU pose health risks for electronic cigarette users following repeated exposure.
What are electronic cigarette e-liquid ingredients?
The liquid of electronic cigarettes with nicotine contains vegetable glycerin (48%), propylene glycol (45%), aromatic substances (4%) and nicotine benzoate (nicotine salt) (3%). All values are approximate and vary slightly from flavor to flavor.
About ALFA electronic cigarettes
Alfa is designed to be a leader among electronic cigarettes because Alfa electronic cigarettes are designed and performed as a premium class product. What distinguishes Alfa cigarettes from others?
  • The Alfa is made in an elegant thin recyclable aluminum body with selected high performance battery.
  • The Flavors of Alfa are amazing! They are expressive and soft, balanced on sugar and cooler. Alfa's flavor line contains only the most popular and clean flavors
  • We use only high-quality liquids that do not irritate and do not cool the throat
  • The puff of Alfa is adjusted to match the puff of a regular cigarette, so you will get the same sensation and be able to switch from regular cigarettes to Alfa for a better living.
  • Alfa has a carefully developed composition that prevents liquid leakage, is fireproof and reliable
  • We use high quality cobalt LI-ION batteries with high energy density. Unlike ordinary LI-Ion batteries in cheap devices they provide the maximum number of puffs and uniform traction during the entire period of use
  • Alfa's heating system allows you to use a thin battery with a smaller capacity but, thanks to a carefully thought-out electronic circuit, provides up to confirmed 600 puffs. At the same time, Alfa does not leave a “burnt” taste in the mouth
  • Alfa is developed and designed in the EU and manufactured in China under Slovenian and German supervision.
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What is the expiration date of ALFA electronic cigarettes?
The shelf life of Alfa e-cigarettes is 2 years. This is the warranty period during which the battery maintains a charge level sufficient for the high quality of Alfa vaping performance. However, an electronic cigarette can last longer or shorter depending on the conditions of the storage
How many puffs is the ALFA e-cigarette designed for?
Alfa electronic cigarettes use cobalt LI-ION batteries with high energy density and overload resistance. Unlike conventional Li-Ion batteries in cheap devices they provide the maximum number of puffs and uniform traction during the entire period of use. Alfa's heating system allows the use of a slim 420+ mAh battery which, thanks to a smartly designed electronic circuit, provides up to 600 puffs depending on the inhale depth and frequency. At the same time Alfa does not leave a “burnt” taste in the mouth which is often found in other devices.
Disposal and recycling of used disposable ALFA electronic cigarettes
The Alfa electronic cigarette is made in an aluminum body unlike the plastic bodies of other manufacturers. The aluminum body is fully recyclable. The device has a built-in battery that is also subject to recycling. So we recommend disposing of the used device in the specified used batteries collection points.